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Packing Supplies

Q: How many Portable storage units do I need?
A: Use our simple to use storage calculator which will help you to decide. If you need a second or third portable storage unit, delivery is free and the weekly storage is discounted.

Q: Is a Porta Box weather proof?
A: Our mobile storage units are covered by a heavy duty partaulin to ensure they are weather proof in transit and whilst at your premises. They are stored undercover in our secure warehouse when they are collected.

Q: How much notice do I need to allow to order a Porta Box?
A: We can normally have a mobile storage unit delivered to your location on the next business day, however we recommend you provide as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment.

Q: How long do I have to load a Porta Box?
A: Normally 24 hours is sufficient for most customers to load one of our Portable storage units. In fact, if you are organised you may be finished in an hour or two. We automatically schedule collection of a Porta Box the next business day unless otherwise agreed with the customer.

Q: How much notice do I need to allow to have my Porta Box returned?
A: We would request you give at least 3 business days notice for the return of your mobile storage unit.

Q: Can I access my mobile storage unit during the storage period?
A: Access can be arranged at our storage facility or you can request your portable storage unit to be delivered to your location.

Q: Do you supply packing materials?
A: Packing materials can be delivered with your Porta Box or you can purchase them prior and you can collect or we can deliver them for you. Click here to see a list of our storage supplies.

Q: Can I get help to load my Porta Box?
A: We can organise for the delivery driver to assist you to load your portable storage unit for an additional fee. Please call us to arrange this popular service.

Q: Are my goods insured whilst in transit and storage?
A: We recommend you talk to one of our friendly staff to discuss the insurance options available to you.

Q: Can my Porta Box be located anywhere on my property?
A: Our mobile storage units are very flexible. Basically they can be positioned anywhere a trailer can be left. Some popular positions are roadside; driveway. front or back lawn; carport; and garage. Ring one of our friendly staff if you are unsure where is the best position for you.

Q: Can a Porta Box be left on the road or pathway?
A: Our Porta Box units are designed to be left on the road way however, you would need to check with your local authority if the path way was the only option.

Q: Can I move the Porta Box once it has been located on the property?
A: We lock our Porta Box in position once it is delivered as this is an added security measure. If you need it moved before it is collected please contact one of our friendly staff members.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum storage period?
A: No there is no minimum or maximum storage period.

Q: Do you travel outside the metropolitan area?
A: Yes we do. Please discuss this with one of our friendly staff members.

Q: Do you delivery or collection the portable storage units on weekend and public holidays?
A: Yes we do. Please discuss this with one of our friendly staff members.

Q: What payment facilities do you have?
A: Our preferred method of payment is via credit card. We do not charge a credit card surcharge.

Q: Do I need to be present when the mobile storage unit is delivered or collected?
A: We do need you or an agent present at delivery and collection of your Porta Box to sign the required paperwork.

Q: If I need more than one Porta Box, are these delivered at the same time or can I have them staggered?
A: We recommend only delivering one mobile storage unit at a time, however we are flexible so please discuss this with one of our friendly staff members.

Q: What can I store in a Porta Box?
A: Almost any household or office item with the exception of oils, fuels, chemicals etc. We refer you to our terms and conditions for a full list of prohibitive items.

Q: Can I leave a Porta Box partially filled and add to it later?
A: You certainly can.