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Portable Storage Space & Sheds

Jim's Porta Box is an innovative concept for storing your excess furniture and belongings.

We bring a storage module or modules to you, you pack your belongings and we then collect the module and return it to our storage facility.

This method of storing your belongings negates the need to pay for having your belongings collected by a removalist or you having to take your belongings to a self storage facility yourself.

It is the cost effective, convenient and practical way to storage those additional items that just won't fit but are too valuable to let go.

Porta Box "The New Storage Solution" is ideal for high rise apartment residents, students and other home owners who don't have large quantities to storage and is more cost effective than other forms of self storage currently available.

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Storage Suggestions

  • Fridges should be cleaned thoroughly before removal with hot, soapy water and then aired out to dry. If there are toucher marks, add a small amount of bleach to cut through germs. Worried about your fridge losing it's freshness? Wiping the interior of your fridge with vanilla essence will ensure it is kept fresh and with a nice aroma.
  • Washing machines and dishwashers should have all of the water drained from their insides, including the pipes. Any cords or pipes should be put inside of the machines to ensure they aren't lost by any removalists.
  • Before storing any mechanical or electrical goods, make sure that you check with your manuals, or with the manufacturers themselves, for any safety instructions regarding your items.
  • Within the few days before your removal, you should wash any clothing that needs to be stored to avoid the risk of moths. Sealing any clothing in airtight packages also reduces the risk of deteriation of your goods.
  • Ensure that no flammable liquids, perishable or hazardous good are stored for the safety of your stored goods as well as the safety of any removalist.
  • If you have any mechanical equipment that required some sort of petrol amongst your storage, you must remove any petrol as best as you can before it is stored to ensure the safety of your goods, and that of the removalists themselves.
  • Ensure that you have no packed any important documents that you may need such as passports, medical records, licenses etc, as it will be difficult to retrieve from storage units which have been densely packed.
  • Have any carpets and rugs cleaned, and possibly rolled, prior to storing them to keep them fresh.
  • Ensure that you have no inadvertently stored valuable goods such as jewellry with your goods, as they may be hard to retrieve once everything is packed.