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Why Jim's Porta Box?

There are the main reasons to choose Jim's Porta Box above all else:


Port-A-Box storage is the convenient way to store your goods. We will bring the unit to your home or office and you can take as much time loading it up as you wish within 24 hours. Once you're done, you won't need to worry about bringing it to us, we will come and collect it for you! Your items will then be stored in one of our very secure storage facilities until such a time that you need them!


If you're worrying about never seeing your items again, don't! You will have access to your belongings at our storage facility! Or we can bring the storage unit back to you.


Jim's Port-A-Box is cost effective, particularly since you won't have the added cost of hiring bulky trailers, trucks and can do the moving yourself! On top of that, you can take all the time you want in packing it within 24 hours.


Our Porta Box is highly flexible so it can be positioned as close to your home or office as practical. It can even be left on the road if there are no other options. In fact, we are the only mobile storage option that offers to leave storage units on the road whilst you load it. We can leave it on your driveway or your lawn, it's up to you!


You supply the lock to lock the mobile storage unit and you keep the key. Our secure latching system suits most types of padlocks or we can supply one for you. This gives you peace of mind whilst your goods are in storage.

Reduced Handling

With Jims Porta Box, our mobile storage system means that you only need to load your goods once and then once to unload when you wish them returned. Compare this with traditional self storage where you load them into your truck or trailer and unload them at the self storage facility. This process is repeated again when you return your goods. In other words, with portable storage, you handle your goods twice compared to the conventional four.

Wide Doors

We ensure your loading experience is as simple as possible by designing our portable storage units with wide doors for ease of access.

Want more reasons to choose Jim's Porta Box?

  1. Storage is one of the things that often gets left til last in the mess that is moving houses. Of course, one you consider it, you're left with limited options for what you require. As you can find in our storage tips, remembering to include storage high up on your to-do list when planning your move can make the process much simpler by allowing you time to get the appropriate packing supplies and getting one of our Porta Box's to store until your move. Our portable storage containers can make your move so much more simple and less stressful when it comes to your big move and will reduce the hassle of hiring removalists to do the job for you.
  2. Versatility is one of the main benefits of using Jim's Porta Box for your portable storage needs. You are given the flexibility of using them for either short or long term storageis part of what makes them an attractive option. Often, especially after moving house or business, we find ourself with extra stuff we just can't find the space for, and by using Jim's Porta Box is the most versatile option to get rid of that clutter - stress-free. You get the container brought to you and get to take the time to fill the container yourself, and then once you're done we'll pick up the Porta Box for you and do all the rest. If at any time you need to get something from your container, or just want it brought back to your house, we will bring it right back for you.
  3. If Size is your worry, don't be taunted by how small our Jim's Porta Box units are, because, while one Jim's Porta Box is enough to carry a small house or flat, you can always get more than one for a cheaper price! Your Porta Box's will then be stored together and all delivered back to you when you're ready for them.
  4. Are you worried about the Weather? Our Jim's Porta Box's are weather proof from the wind, rain, snow and any other weather-related issue. Since many customers end up using all different seasons, the fact that they can withstand all types of weather is a huge benefit.
  5. Are you selling house and are going to be Home Staging? Utilizing Jim's Porta Box gives you the option of taking that extra clutter out of your house for showings, while avoid the expense of hiring removalists or big storage containers. Our portable storage units are the perfect size for those bits and pieces you just don't want lying around while presenting your home.
  6. Another time you'll want to get rid of those extra items is during Renovations. Jim's Porta Box is the perfect solution for removing those items for during your home or business renovation. During most renovations, you'll be clearing out most furniture from the rooms you're remodelling, and these will fit perfectly in our portable storage units. When you use portable storage containers instead, you can move all the extras out of your house and back in again when you're done without the expense and hassle of removalists and large storage containers.
  7. Jim's Porta Box is the perfect solution for Long Distance Moves as not only does it take the place of traditional storage facilities but you can have your portable storage unit delivered to your new location without any hassle or stress. This way, you won't have to unload everything on the same day as delivered similar to more traditional storage, but can take the time and the ease of unpacking it all yourself in your own time.