We Supply Cartons!

Jim's Store-It recommend you use some of our professional cartons as others may not be designed to hold heavy bulky household ojects. For this reason we offer a range of packing cartons for your purchase!

Your goods can be backed at your own pace using our helpful packing hints located at the bottom of the page. If you don't think you have the time to pack your goods yourself, we can organiser a packer for you!

For more information on our packing supplies please feel free to contact us with your enquiries or submit an online quotation form located on the Buy Cartons page.

The professional cartons that we offer are as follows:

Book Carton
325mm x 415mm x 325mm
Picture Box
780mm x 1026mm x 80mm
Standard Carton
605mm x 435mm x 410
Wardrobe Box
1130mm x 580mm x 480mm
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