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If you would like to find out more about Jim's Store-It, feel free to call our office on 131 546.

As well as the usual removal and containerized storage of your goods, Jim's Removals Australia now offers Store-It, a way you can go to and from your storage items with ease, privacy and affordability.

Whether going on holiday and need somewhere to store your items, you've run out of space and need extra storage space, or maybe you even need space to hold stock for your business - Store-It is the best option for you.

Store-It gives you the option of storing whatever you want in the space neccessary, cutting down on cost of large storage containers. You have access during the day to go to and from your storage unit as you please, and you get the added privacy of the unit being rented to you only, therefore access being only granted to you.

Store-It units come with great versatility. You can get storage units ranging from the tiny 1.0m3 units to an enermous 37.5m3. Either of our self storage locations can also help supply the goods to help your items get to the unit safely including bubble wrap, cartons, butchers paper, mattress overs, tape and tissue paper and can supply you with an added padlock to ensure your goods security.

If you are considering Jim's Store-It and want to see our locations, once the website is up and running please click on either of the links on the map at the top of this page.

Contact our office today for more information on this fantastic offer.

The Jim's brand is a phenomenal asset!

Are you interested in working for yourself, working the hours you want to work, reaping the rewards of your labour and being part of the largest and most successful home services franchise group in Australia?

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